Dr. John B. Cobb wants 2024 LA Eco Olympic

By John B. Cobb, Jr.(at the 11th International Forum on Ecological Civilization, April 28)

Two years ago(2015), we held a conference(Seizing an Alternative: Toward the Ecological Civilization) here in Claremont that may have been the first major attempt to launch work toward an ecological civilization in the Unites States.

for our common home

Now, two small organization are working to follow up on this conference. One of the new organizations committed to ecological civilization is called ‘Pando Populus’.(The other is ‘Toward Ecological Civilization’) It takes its name from the largest aspen grove, very ancient, but now endangered. Each aspen grove. although it appears to consist in many separate trees, is actually a single organism with a single root system. We hope this image will work against the extreme individualism of American culture.


This organization is working in Los Angeles County. Currently it has established itself sufficiently, so that we can speak of a goal, even a plan, to make Los Angeles an ecological city. If Los Angeles’ bid for the 2024 Olympic succeeds, we think our prospects of success will be enhanced – that many individuals and groups will support plans to achieve significant ecological goals by that time. We also think that, if we have major accomplishments of which to boast, the occasion of the Olympic will be a good one at which to tell the world. We hope that, if Los Angeles has really shown how cities can make major progress, this will encourage other cities to become ecological cities may prove a major contribution the global goal of ecological civilization.




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